Qualcomm Declares Snapdragon 712: A Increased Bin 710

Immediately, Qualcomm has introduced a brand new entry into the SoC vary "Higher Mid-Vary": The Snapdragon 712. The announcement is sort of shocking, because the chip might merely be a better bin variant of the Snapdragon 710

Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs for the higher center class

Snapdragon 710
Snapdragon 712
Snapdragon 675

central processor
2x Cryo 360 (CA75)
@ 2.2 GHz

6x Cryo 360 (CA55)
@ 1.7 GHz

2x Cryo 360 (CA75)
@ 2.three GHz

6x Cryo 360 (CA55)
@ 1.7 GHz

2x Cryo 460 (CA76)
@ 2.zero GHz
256KB L2

6x Cryo 460 (CA55)
@ 1.7 GHz
64 KB L2

Adreno 616
Adreno 616
+ 10%
Adreno 612

Hexagon 685

Spectra 250 ISP
32MP single / 20MP twin
Spectra 250 ISP
Help for 3 cameras

2x 16-bit at 1866 MHz
14.9 GB / s

1 MB system cache

Built-in modem
Snapdragon X15 LTE
(Class 15/13)
DL = 800 Mbps
three x 20 MHz CA, 256-QAM

UL = 150 Mbps
2x20MHz CA, 64-QAM

Snapdragon X12 LTE
(Class 12/13)
DL = 600 Mbps
three x 20 MHz CA, 256-QAM

UL = 150 Mbps
2x20MHz CA, 64-QAM

Coding /
2160p30, 1080p120
H.264 & H.265

Mfc. To course of
10 nm LPP
11nm LPP

On paper, the one seen distinction between the Snapdragon 712 and its predecessor appears to be a rise in CPU cores of round 100 MHz. Qualcomm additionally claims that the brand new chip gives 10% sooner graphics rendering than the 710. This is able to imply that the Adreno 616 is experiencing the same enhance in its clock frequency.

On the time of writing we cannot discover some other variations between the 2 merchandise. As a reminder, Qualcomm Snapdragon's branding consists of not simply the SoC chip itself, however your complete platform, which incorporates companion parts resembling PMICs, WLAN chipsets, audio chipsets, and RF front-end cell connectivity options. Keep tuned whereas we attempt to study extra and ensure if the chip is completely different in some other approach.

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