The Intel Core m3 Processor-Powered HP Chromebook x2 Can Save Time on Education Tasks, Principled Technologies Study Finds

Compared to the Intel Celeron processor-based Acer Chromebook R 11, this new device was more responsive during tasks in various apps.

Durham, NC, September 21, 2018 –(– With teachers around the world opting to use education apps to enhance the learning experience, school decision-makers must find the right hardware to power their classrooms. As Reshan Richards, CEO of Explain Everything, noted in a recent Principled Technologies report, “when investing in computing hardware, you have to consider not only what you might want to accomplish (and accomplish well) today within your school, but also where your teachers and students will want to end up when you approach the end of cycle of the devices.”

Principled Technologies (PT) compared the performance of two Chromebooks across various education apps. PT found that the Intel Core processor-powered HP Chromebook x2 saved time during tasks in many apps compared to the Intel Celeron processor-based Acer Chromebook R 11. In addition, the HP Chromebook x2 boasts new features, such as an active pen for notetaking, and offers a 73 percent greater screen resolution.

To learn more about how an Intel Core processor-powered Chromebook could benefit classrooms, read the full report at and see the infographic at

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