Intel 9th-gen Core processors suffer pricing leak

Intel can't keep a lid on Core 9000 series info

INFO AROUND INTEL’S 9th-gen chips is leakier than a bucket that been battered by a morning star, an indicated by the prices for the next wave of Intel CPUs slipping out prematurely in Singapore.

A Reddit user shared a link to a PDF that shows the pricing for the Core 9000 series chips that will be stocked by Singaporean PC parts firm BizGram.

The top-of-the-line Core i9-9900K, with its eight cores and 16 threads, comes in at £370, according to Hexus‘ rough conversions, which is about expected for a flagship mainstream chip from Intel.

The Core i7-9700K, with eight cores and threads, hits around £290; the Core i5-9600K, with its six cores and threads, comes in at £205 – about expected for the Core i5. And the entry-level Core i309350K, with its four cores and four threads, is likely to cost UK buyers £140.

These prices are just conversions, and can’t be claimed to be final retail prices for the next-gen of Core processors. But they do give a decent indication of how much of a hit your wallet will take if you want to build a PC with the upcoming Intel CPUs.

And these prices tend to track with what the last eighth-generation chips cost when they first debuted.

Given the ninth-gen processors will be a refresh of the current Coffee Lake processors rather than a brand new architecture, we don’t really expect the Core 9000 series CPUs to wheel off Intel’s rather well-established pricing structure, even though the chips promise decent performance.

In comparison to AMD’s Ryzen 2 processors, Intel’s next processor lineup looks to be a bit more expensive, though not vastly different.

But we would place a cautious bet that AMD is poised to respond to Intel’s ninth-generation chips with either new Ryzen 2 CPUs or some price slashing ahead of Black Friday and Xmas. Of course, that’s speculation that only time will lend any credence to. µ

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