ARM Openly Challenges Intel Core i5-U, ARM CPU Roadmap Revealed Starting With Cortex-A76

Intel is already facing competition from AMD Ryzen CPU in desktop and mobile CPU market. However, AMD Ryzen is not the only competitor that Intel has to look out for as ARM has revealed its roadmap for upcoming mobile ARM CPUs that didn’t shy away from openly challenging Intel Core i5-U starting with ARM Cortex-A76.

ARM has been targeting the mobile CPU or laptop CPU market for past few years and this time ARM has brought in its big guns and revealed its roadmap for its mobile CPUs till 2020.

With these chips, ARM will be directly competing with Intel Core i5-U CPUs. The first of these ARM CPUs is the already announced ARM Cortex-A76 which promises 35% performance increase compared to previous-gen mobile CPUs.

Not only that, this particular ARM CPU, the Cortex-A76, will also see four-times the performance for machine learning interface compared to previous ones.

For 2019, the ARM CPU we will be seeing launched is “Deimos” core while 2020 will see the launch of “Hercules” core which will be based on the 7 nm and 5 nm process node respectively and the ARM Cortex-A76 is also based on 7 nm process node.

ARM didn’t shy away from admitting that the purpose of these ARM CPUs is to compete directly with Intel Core i5-U CPUs and ARM is very confident about it.

According to ARM, the ARM Cortex 76 is already on par with Intel Core i5-7300U while using less than 5W of power which is significantly lower compared to 15W of power requirement for Core i5-7300U.

Furthermore, ARM has noted that starting with ARM Cortex 76, its mobile chips will see a significant increase in performance at a faster rate.

ARM noted that Cortex 76 brings an average of 20% performance increase year over year for the past few years.

Not only that, ARM claims that the AMR CPUs that will launch following ARM Cortex 76, will see a 15% performance increase on average year over year.

While ARM is openly challenging Intel Core i5-U CPUs for the mobile CPU market but t won’t be easy for ARM CPUs just simple take the market share given that Intel has a huge portfolio of CPUs for its mobile CPU market.

Speaking of Intel, the company has also given us a peek at Intel Discrete GPU. Intel has confirmed that Intel Discrete GPU will be in the market in 2020 and will be a “fully compliant DX12 graphics processor”.

What do you think of ARM directly targeting Intel Core i5-U CPUs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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